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AlarmWeather 〜Weather forecast

AlarmWeather 〜Weather forecast

Kazumichi Takahama

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"The weather forecast soon as I wake up in the morning!" It is an application that weather forecast alarms and became one.

It displays the weather forecast today When you stop the alarm.

# Usage Notes

- Alarm will sound if the device lock or background.

- Please cancel the silent mode.(Alarm does not sound.)

# What you can do with this app


- Time specification

- Specified day of the week

- Sound selection

Weather forecast

- The use of information OpenWeatherMap

- Regional specification of the world

- Weather Overview Display

- Maximum temperature, minimum temperature

- Weather every three hours

Background color of the screen will change to suit the weather.

Posts to SNS (Twitter · Facebook)

# That can not be

- (It does not provide the API you are using) chance of rain

- (It displays the weather forecast overview of application launch date.) Weather forecast for tomorrow, weekly weather forecast

- Multiple regional designation

- (Only selection from within the app alarm sound) any setting of the alarm sound

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