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Basketball coach's clipboard

Basketball coach's clipboard

Coachbase Limited

Reviews: 719 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

Basketball coach's clipboard is an easy-to-use, reliable and fast app that allows you to animate your plays and drills with your player's photos and then easily share it via the cloud the or print as PDF.

Used by over 400,000 coaches worldwide. Ranked no.1 paid sports app in over 30+ countries.

Purchase plays/drills from great coaches such as:

- Don Showalter USA basketball U17 head coach

Key features:

- Sync all of your plays across all the devices and computers you have

- Create animated plays with your player's photos

- Save unlimited plays and load them with 1 click.

- Create drills with cones and balls

- Share your plays with a web link, PDF or image.

- Customization: player names, numbers and colours

- Professional drawing tools: dotted lines, arrows, serpent line

- Courts that fit: NCAA, NBA, FIBA and high school courts

Basketball coach's clipboard is available for:

Desktop: Mac and Web

Mobile: iPhone, iPad

Website: www.coachbase.com

Email: support@coachbase.com

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