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Bloomberg Professional

Bloomberg Professional

Bloomberg Finance LP

Reviews: 393 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

With the Bloomberg Professional app, you can log in to your Bloomberg Anywhere account from your iPhone or iPad, with the same reference-quality, real-time data, security and access to personal files you have on your regular computer.


- Send and receive messages while on the go

- Use Instant Bloomberg to stay connected with all your contacts wherever you are

- Get comprehensive news and alerts from tens of thousands of sources including Bloomberg’s exclusive coverage

- Monitor real-time market data, quotes, events, and Eco Calendars

- Gain deeper insight into your Portfolios by understanding your positions and active bets

- View “EVT” corporate events and get transcripts for a security on the Securities page.

- Access exclusive Bloomberg Research from over 2500 providers, including brokers and research firms

iPad Specific Features:

- Terminal Mode: Access the full Bloomberg terminal and thousands of functions

- Gain better insight with Bloomberg Industry data including charts and written analysis from a team of industry experts

- The ability to have two Bloomberg functions running simultaneously within their own panel in the application

iPhone Specific Features:

- Get “Fly” airline information

- Use “Dine” to access restaurants nearby