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Checkie for Foursquare

Checkie for Foursquare

Timothy Johnsen

Reviews: 227 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

Checkie is a Foursquare client built for speed. Simply launch the app and swipe to check in. Checking in will even complete in the background.

That's it, lightning fast with a clean, simple interface.

Checkie also packs some powerful features:

- Suggested emojis for check-in captions

- Check in privately

- @-mention friends when checking in, you can even customize their names

- Quick typeahead search for venues

- Tag check-ins with events you're attending

- Nearby friends are displayed on venues

- Recently visited venues are remembered and suggested

- View the Twitter and Foursquare profiles for venues

- Open venue locations in Maps or call them

- Failed check-ins are automatically retried in the background

- Low data usage to keep the app fast

- Powerful and quick Apple Watch app with complication that supports time travel