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Cigarettes Lite

Cigarettes Lite

Thomas Kiesl

Reviews: 3058 | Score: 2 | Price: Free

No more smoking.

Would you like to stop smoking, or at least reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke? That requires willpower – and honest and unadulterated statistics.

Our application provides you with an objective and detailed view of your cigarette consumption. How many cigarettes do you really smoke – and how much does it really cost? Analyze it now: with help from your individual statistics. Simply enter the price of the pack and each cigarette smoked into the application program. From this data, the software calculates an overview of your daily consumption, as well as the costs which accompany it. In order to maintain error-free statistics, cigarettes which are accidentally added into the program can be deleted within 30 seconds.

Furthermore, you’ll receive information about your minimal, maximal, and average cigarette consumption over a specified time period, the total amount of smoked cigarettes as well as the full costs arising from your cigarette consumption.

All data collected is displayed in clearly arranged diagrams. With the well-known “swipe” technique from the weather application, you can easily and comfortably page through the individual diagrams of daily statistics.

This free demo version of “Stop Smoking” provides you with the same comfortable functions as the full version; however, only the statistics of the last 8 days are displayed. After testing the software and its simple and intuitive operation, upgrading to the full version of “Stop Smoking” provides you with a complete and reliable overview of your cigarette consumption.

=== Customer review's ===

Wow 1st: ***** (Five stars)

I tried the lite version and was impresed by the graphing of the app. I looked through other apps and this is the only one I could find that offered good quality graphing. I like the app. Works as advertised. Very simple and smart looking as you would expect with an iphone app. I don't have any constructive ctritizism at this time. Will update later if I think of anything. Maybe ability to log other things as well would be cool such as differant purchase price if you catch a sale or buy a carton one time...thx for a usefull app dev team.