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Cord - Chat with short voice m

Cord - Chat with short voice m

Cord Project Inc.

Reviews: 126 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

Featured in The New York Times, TechCrunch, and The Verge.

Cord is incredibly simple, incredibly fast voice messaging that lets you chat with one friend, a group, or anyone in the world. You can save the messages you love and the rest will disappear. Cord is a whole new way to talk on your phone again.


• Tap a message to listen. Hold to reply.

• Listen fast. No message is longer than 12 seconds.

• Use the mic button to send to friends or share on the web.

• Create a group to chat with multiple friends.

• Join a Channel and talk to people all over the world or right next door.

• Keep a secret by clearing your messages one by one or all at once.

• Favorite a message to save for as long as you like.

• Get started now. Sign-in with your phone number, Facebook or Google+.

Less text. More message.