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Kenn Lowy

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Whether you're a business or leisure traveler, you might need a little help with the language in the country you’re visiting. Each word or phrase has the English word, the Italian translation, and tells you how to pronounce it phonetically.

ENG to ITA gives you many of the words you’ll need in your travels.


- Key categories make it easier and faster to find words

- Use force touch to get help and learn more

- Apple Watch 2 app (you don’t need your iPhone)

- Updates to add new words, phrases and functionality

What Makes ENG to ITA standout from other translation Apps?

By using categories, you can quickly find what you’re looking for. There’s even a “Quick Words” section so you can use the digital crown to quickly scroll through and find the word you’re looking for as well a Reverse Lookup so if you know the Italian word, you can fid the English translation..

Take a look at our web site for a short video demonstration.

Coming Soon:

English > French

English > Spanish

German > English…