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Golden Box Of Fairytales

Golden Box Of Fairytales

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Golden Box Of Fairytales is a set of remarkable stories by the most famous western writers of the 19th and 20th century. Open this box of joy, sadness, love and other emotions. Enjoy these fantastic stories and spend lovely time with your children!

Golden Box Of Fairytales:

- H.C. Andersen: In A Thousand Years

- Grimm’s Fairytale: The Sparrow And His Four Children

- H.C. Andersen: The Windmill

- J.C. Harris: How Mr. Lion Lost His Wool

- J.R. Kipling: The Lang men O' Larut


- world known stories for all ages

- perfect for kid's imagination

- high-quality sounding files

- experience the conventional wisdom

- continue the journey in the world classic literature!