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GoodCounter – A Pretty Good Ta

GoodCounter – A Pretty Good Ta

Alper Beser

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GoodCounter is a simple, but beautiful tally counter. It has innovative features to offer that are not shared by other counters!


+ Count without looking at your iPhone with the innovative Fullscreen Mode

+ Get haptic feedback: your iPhone vibrates and/or plays a sound, when a button is pressed (changable in the iPhone settings app)

+ Use swipe gestures to easily navigate through the most important actions

+ Add the GoodCounter widget to the today view in order to quickly access your most used counters (up to two counters can be added to the today view)

+ GoodCounter also runs on your Apple Watch! Use it to control your counters from your wrist!

+ Add as many counters as you want to count anything you want!


+ Count the sets you perform during sports - great for bodybuilders or athletes! Espacially if you use GoodCounter with an Apple Watch!

+ Count the hours you've studied so far for a school or college exam

+ Count your daily intake of cups of water or meals

+ Count the points for different teams at personal sport events

+ Count your daily achieved goals

+ ...

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If you have suggestions for new features or found bugs, please let me know via twitter.com/GoodCounter