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Kids Math Ace Games  Lite Free

Kids Math Ace Games Lite Free

Hien Ton

Reviews: 3641 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

Easily teaches kids how to Count, Add, and Subtract VISUALLY using fun animations with a prize reward system for completing each level.


1. Visually solve the math question

2. Touch the correct star answer button

3. Complete the levels to unlock secret prizes



Please adjust the game to fit your child's skill

level in the setting area. Use this as a teaching

tool that makes learning math FUN, starting with

the basic skills of Counting, Adding, & Subtracting.



1. Background Music

2. Sound Effects

3. Start at Level Completed

4. Counting

5. Addition

6. Subtraction

7. Advanced

COUNTING: Visual aid to help teach how to add and subtract - recommended for younger kids starting out. Turn this settings off for more advance kids.

For ADDITION, the sum of the numbers is visually display to assist the kid. For instance, 5 pears plus 10 strawberries will be display to graphically guide your kids to learn to add.

For SUBTRACTION, the difference of the numbers is visually display. For instance, if 4 apples minus 3 apples, the app will display 4 apples with 3 of them cross out.

ADD / SUBTRACT: Type of questions to focus on. If your child is weaker on one, then adjust it accordingly, so he/she will get more practice on it.

ADVANCED: Questions are more challenging and more suitable for older kids that have a strong math foundation.

PRIZE AWARD: After completing each level, your kids can go to the Prize Zone area to play and interact with their prizes. The more levels they complete, the more prizes they will unlock.

TO PARENTS: Adjust the desired skill level you want your child to learn and practice at. As your child completes each level, the game progressively gets more challenging and engaging.

This learning tool is design to grow with your child as his/her skills improve through fun exercises that promotes a passion for learning.

**** Suitable for kids ages 3 and Older. ****