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La Liga - Spanish Football Lea

La Liga - Spanish Football Lea

La Liga Nacional de Futbol Profesional

Reviews: 714 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

In the Spanish Football League Official Application for season 2015-2016, you can follow for FREE and minute-by-minute, all the latest news in Spanish football.

What’s new?

- You can find the teams, fixtures and leagues, organised clearly and chronologically.

- La Quiniela.

- New alerts.

- Improvements in performance.

- Reduction of the overall size of the app.

And, of course:

- INFORMATION: calendars, schedules, results, and league tables. These include LaLiga, LaLiga2, COPA DEL REY, CHAMPIONS LEAGUE and EUROPA LEAGUE.

- LIVE: minute-by-minute commentary, where you can follow and comment on the matches on Twitter.

- ALERTS: the real time alerts service will send you news about kick-off times, goals, red cards, substitutions, final whistles and much more.

- 3D GOALS: you will be able to see 3D reproductions of the goals minutes after having been scored.

- NEWS: all the latest news on Spanish teams, your favourite team and official communications from LaLiga.

- MY TEAM: personalize the app, to get quick and easy access to all the information about your favourite team, including: games played, fixtures, stadium details, images and goals in 3D.

- ACCESS: you can also easily access the official accounts of LaLiga on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

- FEATURES ADDED IN 2015: Improved user experience, new content (pre-match analysis, match reports, half-time and full-time images for every match), easier to follow and share on social media, new alerts and improvements for the correct behaviour in mid/low range devices.

Download it for free now.

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