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MealPlan Meal and Grocery Plan

MealPlan Meal and Grocery Plan

Fall Day Software Inc.

Reviews: 112 | Score: 3 | Price: €3.99

MealPlan is an easy, efficient way to plan meals and groceries.

"I am thoroughly enjoying your MealPlan app!" "Super app!" "Finally - a simple, easy-to-use menu planning app that looks good as well."

Now with Apple Watch (watchOS 2) support!

MealPlan is a weekly meal and grocery planning app that's focused on getting the job done efficiently. You use a simple drag and drop interface to plan out meals like “Hamburgers on Thursday, Fish and Rice on Friday”. Recent meals are easily available or you can type in new items the first time you use them.

MealPlan is a universal app, and will sync between your iPhone and iPad using either iCloud or Dropbox. Plan your meals on the iPad's big screen, and automatically have your grocery list with you on your phone.

Use the built-in web browser to search the web for recipes, and add a recipe from the web right into your meal plan!

MealPlan creates your grocery list as you're planning meals. When you're done, tap the Grocery Basket to see the list, add new items, mark off items you already have, and then print it, email it, or create Reminders that automatically synchronise with your iPhone. This is a huge time saver!

And, on the iPad, once you’ve used the app for a few weeks, the Magic Wand will help you quickly fill out subsequent weeks, with a quick suggestions interface.

Features include:

- Simple drag and drop interface to plan out meals.

- Keep track of recipes and the groceries they use.

- Automatically generated grocery list based on your meal plan.

- Save grocery lists for later use (think "Party" or "Camping").

- Combined search/add box makes it easy to add new items.

- Print out a week's plan to any AirPrint printer.

- Configure your own meals: Add snacks, or remove breakfast if you don't want to plan it.

- Email a plain text summary of the week's plan.

- Magic Wand quickly plans out future weeks based on past choices (iPad only, for now).

- Add a note to any meal item, including clickable links.

- Dropbox sync for families with multiple devices and accounts.

- Use Siri for groceries: "Add Milk to my Grocery List".

"Before MealPlan, I’d buy food at the grocery store and then forget I had it .. a few days later it would go to waste. A few minutes every week standing in front of the fridge with MealPlan in hand will help you get the most out of what you have on hand. Plan it, print it out and stick it to your fridge!"

Visit the website for more information, and a detailed walkthrough of what MealPlan can do.