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Meipai - The Hottest Short Vid

Meipai - The Hottest Short Vid

Xiamen Meitu Technology Co., Ltd.

Reviews: 1108 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

The MeituPic team proudly presents this stunning short video community!

The site offers completely new MV special effects, making normal videos into instant blockbusters!

Photographs can be made into videos in an instant, offering a new way to record your memories!

MeituPic’s stunning short video community! Features all kinds of fun and interesting videos,including silly videos, stars, cute videos, beauty videos, and heroes/heroines. You can find it all here!More than 100 million users worldwide are using Meipai, why not join them?

==Hilarious silly videos==

The community has all kinds of humor! Have endless fun watching silly videos! Apparently laughing can even make you lose weight!

==Awesome videos featuring famous stars==

Do you want to see the private side of famous stars?This is all available on Meipai!!!

==Fantastic cute videos==

You won’t be able to resist the cute pet and baby videos, or the hilarious silly videos!

==Fantastic beauty videos==

Combines the latest trends in makeup, hair, and nails.You will make yourself more and more beautiful by just watching a little bit every day!

==Fantastic hero/heroine videos==

Looks are not the only important thing! You can show off any talent on Meipai to get yourself noticed! Meipai has all kinds of heroes and heroines!

Meipai also features travel, food, and talent content, why not come and take a look?


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