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MiTalk Messenger

MiTalk Messenger

Beijing Xiaomi Co., Ltd

Reviews: 592 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

MiTalk Messenger(aka. 米聊) is the fastest and one of the most popular mobile social applications in the market. It is totally free and cross-platform!

Its fully packed features include:

-Group Chat: MiTalk Messenger supports group discussions with up to 20 people. The more the merrier!

-Instant Feedback: You know right away if others have received/read your messages.

-Rich Media: More than text, MiTalk Messenger supports rich emoticons, photos, voice, location share, and more!

-Lots of friends: MiTalk Messenger helps you to easily find and connect with families, friends and colleagues, no matter where they are in the world!

-LBS: Location, location, location. Yes, we have them in our MiWorld! They are just right for all who are interested in local people and things!

-Low power/Low data flow: Push message support(pop-up notification), real-time messaging, low power consumption and low data transmission.

-Absolutely FREE: MiTalk Messenger is completely free, as long as your phone can connect to the Internet (3G/GPRS/Wifi).


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