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Madcap Studios, inc.

Reviews: 1743 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

Remember & Repeat! RemembaRing presents to you with a growing series of lights and sounds displayed upon a colorful rotating ring, and your goal is simply to repeat them back in the order presented! How long do you think you can you last?


● 3-7 Dynamically-Colored Lights

● 4 Difficulties (Easy / Medium / Hard / Insane)

● 4 Modes of Play (Normal / Reverse / Random / Reverse-Random)

● 3-Color Training Wheel mode for Kids, Fun, or Practice

● 10 Stages

● 11 Themes

● Game Center Score tracking

●  Apple Watch Companion Game

NOTE: This game features several In-App Purchases, but they are entirely optional, as they can all be unlocked for free (except for one special theme) by simply playing through the game, and completing challenges along the way.