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Remember To Remember - An Off

Remember To Remember - An Off

ArcStone Inc.

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Remember To Remember is a simple app designed to

remind you to think about a phrase or idea on an

ongoing, regular basis. By bringing a thought to mind in

a consistent, disciplined way, RTR helps to establish a

rhythm and mindset that will help you change habits,

establish new ways of thinking, and otherwise transform

entrenched beliefs and persistent thought patterns.

This tool was developed to help meditators, spiritual

practitioners, addicts, biohackers and others to bring

their transformative practice off the cushion and into

their day-to- day life. Set the app to remind you every 10

minutes of ____________. You get one Tweet worth of

space for your reminder phrase or question.

For example, if you are trying to train yourself to be more

present in day-to- day life, you can use RTR to remind

you to, “feel you toes” or “take three mindful breaths.” Or

if you’re contemplating impermanence in your practice

you might want to enter, “Consider how all this will

change” or “I am going to die, how do I feel about that?”

For insight practice you might ask yourself, “What knows

this experience?”

Consistently reminding yourself and focusing earnestly

again and again on a particular phrase or question can

facilitate breakthrough insight and access to wisdom that

lies beyond intellectual understanding.

Effective practice can’t just be done on the meditation

cushion - it’s easy to be mindful when there are no

distractions. The trick is being able to maintain your

practice in the chaos of every day life. RTR is a tool that

can help you bring your practice off the cushion and into

day-to- day life.

It’s easy to forget what really matters, this app helps you

to remember to remember.

RTR works especially well with the Apple watch.

"Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."