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ThinkBoks, LLC

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Share your life with your closest friends. Selfie gives you a chance to be REAL to your closest friends. Never feel timid to share a photo again, because Selfie is for feeling comfortable, all day every day. If posting more than twice a day on your current platform feels "against the rules", then Selfie is for you. Be yourSELF, and share whatever you want, with whomever you want!

At Selfie, we love that you can be yourself and post 100 times a day, if you want... because everyone takes pictures and videos, but no one wants to feel judged when sharing.

Selfie = Reality

◎ Selfie photos: More than 60 filters to increase your selfie game!

◎ Selfie videos: Record a selfie video using a filter, complete with sound. Just tap and hold the capture button to start recording.

◎ Text and Drawing: Decorate your selfies with multiple fonts, and draw in any color.

◎ Random filter: Let us select a filter for you! Keep pressing until you feel it's right!

◎ Timer: 5 Seconds... Strike the perfect pose before the shutter goes off!

◎ Share: Post your pics and share them easily with your friends!

◎ Comment and Likes: Tell your friends what you think of their selfies!

◎ Upload Multiple Posts: Share as many selfies as you like, at one time!

Selfie was made for you.