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Shoes Collector +

Shoes Collector +

Mostafa Ashour

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Quickly catalog, filter, sort, and manage your shoes collection. Add pictures, condition, notes, voice recordings, personal details and more!




- Apple Watch support. Review and search through your catalog on your watch.

- Lightning fast search

- Sort by different fields

- Add pictures, videos and URLs

- Multiple viewing options.

- Full template customization that allows you to add any extra details/fields to your collection:

• Add voice notes

• Take handwritten notes or sketch drawings

• Track locations on the map

• Choose any of the available 20 different information types like Text, Number, Photos, Videos, Handwritten Notes, Voice Recordings. (Full list below)

- Offline access to your collection

- Export your collection to PDF or CSV

- Customizable appearance with multiple theme colors

- Password protect your data with a pin code


Data types


Modify your collection template with any of the following data types:

• Text

• Number

• Choices (Multiple selections)

• Checkbox

• Photo and video collections

• Time

• Date

• Rating

• Location

• Phone Number

• Email


• Sketches and handwritten notes

• Slider

• Color

• Voice notes and audio recordings

• Stopwatch

• Lists of items

• Notes