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SkipCast: Podcast Player

SkipCast: Podcast Player

Matthew Grdinic

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So I'm kinda picky when it comes to Podcast players. I like pull to refresh but not the complexity of playlists. I dig cool audio effects like silence skip and treble boost, and simply must have a dark theme for night use. I want to share episodes with friends, get cool recommendations, stream episodes, and of course play video content. Most importantly: I need big buttons to quickly skip ahead when ads I've already heard play, and I don't want to manage complex playlists.

The result: SkipCast! It's got advanced audio effects including Skip Silence to reduce moments of dead air, and Voice Leveler to dramatically improve sound quality in noisy environments. It's got a gorgeous dark theme that automatically turns on at night, has super easy sharing, iCloud Sync, awesome Twitter feeds right in the app, and so much more. It's also one of the only Podcast players that does away with the confusing and never quite right playlist paradigm. Instead, SkipCast creates and automatically manages a single playlist of active episodes for you. If the burden of managing playlists bums you out, SkipCast has your back!

Still with me? Awesome! SkipCast proudly features:

- Never any signups, accounts, or in-app purchases needed.

- Powerful search to find and play your favorite episodes.

- Video Podcasts including iOS 9 Picture-in-Picture viewing.

- Four advanced effects including like Skip Silence and Voice Leveler.

- See What's Trending With Integrated Twitter Feeds!

- Easy List. All content plays from a single, automatically managed playlist.

- Three gorgeous themes including dark mode.

- Lighting fast access within episodes.

- Full Bluetooth control of headsets and car stereos.

- 3D Touch Support via Home Screen Shortcuts.

- iCloud Sync to keep your devices up to date.

- Share Play - Quickly share episodes with friends and family.

- Fantastic Apple Watch Support.

- Rotation Support With The Ability To Lock To Portrait Mode.

- Stream content over AirPlay To Your Home Audio Equipment.

- Simple Podcast Discovery and Sharing.

- The only client that supports the RawVoice donate standard.

With all of these features and more being added every month it’s the perfect Podcast client for me, and may be for you too!

The cool thing is if you purchase SkipCast you’ll be making an invaluable contribution to this project. You’ll be ensuring new features continue to be added, that you’ll be listened to and well supported, and, if this is something you’re into, receive my heartfelt gratitude!

The most important part: You will absolutely love SkipCast! It's super fast, incredibly easy on your battery, and has loads of super-smart features and options with more on the way every month.

SkipCast Podcast Player – Built For Simplicity, Built For Speed, Built For You!