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Touch Bible Loaded

Touch Bible Loaded

Patrick Franklin

Reviews: 320 | Score: 3 | Price: €9.99

Loaded with Bible Study Content and Features •◆• Audio Bible with Multitasking •◆• Study features: Take Notes, Take Pictures (e.g. bulletins) AND MORE •◆• Reading the Bible does not use your Data!

◆◆Touch Bible will keep you ENGAGED with the Bible More than Ever◆◆

You'll read the Bible more because Touch Bible makes it easier to understand. You don't even have to lose your place, the information is a tap away.


• 60,000+ "foot notes" ◆ These are more than ordinary footnotes. These are study notes! Some are full articles, others simply give alternative wording so the meaning is made clear. You'll love them!

• Strong's Concordance ◆ Every word in the KJV is linked to its definition. Find where an exact word was used. See definitions from multiple sources on a word. See "hidden" words, too. Lookup the definition of any Strong number.

• Book Overviews ◆ Every book of the Bible comes with a detailed article. The articles explain many aspects about the book, such as the author or what it's about. It offers great insight!

• Online Study Articles ◆ "Extras" offers over 2000 Bible related articles are available online. Search for people and places, biblical festivals and more. It brings the Bible to life.


• Data free ◆ Internet access is not needed to listen to the Bible.

• Listen and Multitask ◆ You can play or pause the audio Bible with the iOS media center from any app.

• App for Apple Watch ◆ If you own an Apple watch you an remote control Touch Bible's reader.


• Side-By-Side Bibles ◆ See two versions at one time. Access both versions built-in study content.

• Photos-in-Notes ◆ Take a picture of the notes on your church bulletin. Or write a note with your keyboard. Email them! Post written notes.

• Study Setup ◆ Add verses to your history, then look them up from the list! This makes looking up a list of passages incredibly fast during study or Church.

• Your Mark ◆ Margin notes on verses, Highlights, Bookmarks or general notes. Your markings appear in all Bible versions.


Access 8 translations wherever you are. Internet/Data plans are not needed to read or search the bible. NET and KJV Study content is also available without data.

◆ NET -New English Translation (modern english) ◆ 60,000 Study & Translators Notes

◆ KJV -King James Version ◆ Strong's Concordance, Definitions & Lexicons

◆ WEB -World English Bible

◆ DBY -Darby

◆ BBE -Bible in Basic English

◆ ASV -American Standard Version

◆ YLT -Young's Literal Translation

◆ WBS -Websters Bible

** More Benefits **

◆ Dial a Verse - Touch Bible's way of looking up scripture FAST

◆ Photos - Bring back the days when you kept your bulletin in your Bible. Take a picture of it!

◆ Shake a Verse - Like flipping through the pages of a book to find a page to read

◆ Fast & intelligent keyword search with verse preview & many search options

◆ Bookmarks - Includes Verse Preview!

◆ Highlight verses

◆ Readability - spread out words, adjustable font sizes

-- Paragraph Mode - Read in the traditional line by line format, or read in paragraph form

-- Night Mode - for reading in low light situations

** Visually Impaired **

Touch Bible utilizes Voice Over to make using the app easier for the visually impaired. Learn more at touchbible.com/voiceover

** Touch Bible Free **

Want a Free Bible? Look for Touch Bible Free. It's God's word at the right price... free!

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