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UDisc+ Disc Golf - Discover co

UDisc+ Disc Golf - Discover co

Rega Software LLC

Reviews: 1325 | Score: 5 | Price: €3.99

The digital disc golf companion. Discover courses. Keep score. Track stats. Improve your game.

"UDisc continues to be the top mobile disc golf app" - All Things Disc Golf (http://allthingsdiscgolf.com/udisc-disc-golf-mobile-app-review/)

1000+ 5 star reviews! Click "All Versions" to read hundreds of user reviews from previous versions if the current version has few reviews.

Discover Courses

- 6500+ courses world wide

- Hole-by-hole maps created by our users and only available in UDisc

- Multiple layouts per course (long tees, short tees, etc)

- Driving directions and contact information for courses

- Add courses to your wish list and track where you’ve played

Keep Score

- Track strokes, penalties, and putts for each player

- View hole maps and real time distance to the basket

- Hear tee order announcements at every hole

- Configure custom par values

- Create custom scorecards for backyard games

- View weather data for every round

- Share your completed rounds via email or social media

Track Stats

- Accurately measure your throws and view statistics

- Catalog your discs and link to throws

- View hole averages and best scores while you play

- Track steps and distance walked for all rounds

- Review comprehensive statistics and charts

Upgrade to UDisc Cloud to Unlock Even More

- Automatically share scorecards with all players

- Backup all your data to UDisc Cloud

- Participate in global and friend leaderboards

- Export data and analyze on your own

- Update scorecards directly from your Apple Watch

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UDisc is actively developed, constantly improving, and has a very active community. Please reach out to us on social media or inside the app with any feedback, questions, or feature requests. We cannot respond to App Store reviews.