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X Trivia Simps Edition

X Trivia Simps Edition

Caio S Bonilha

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How much do you know about The Simpsons?

Join us in this adventure to find out!

100+ Original Questions!

Sound Effects: www.freesfx.co.uk

Legal: The Simpsons is a trademark of ‘Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation’. This application is not connected, affiliated, endorsed or sponsored by its creators. The use of any third-party content is based on the 'Fair Use' legal doctrine, that intend to permit limited use of copyrighted material that might otherwise be considered infringement. The direct references to The Simpsons in this application are limited and used only for the purposes of knowledge advance and memory improvement of users. The amount charged for download is symbolic and aims to cover the costs of building the application. Although no copyright or trademark infringement is intended, this application can be removed at anytime without the need for legal action if is ‘Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation’ will.