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Yandex.Maps - a free navigatio

Yandex.Maps - a free navigatio

Yandex, LLC

Reviews: 3629 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

New version · World map · City guides · Walking directions · Routes for cars and public transportation · Satellite images and panoramas · Offline maps for 1854 cities

Find the places you need:

· Access a huge database of organizations and use filters to narrow your search;

· Look up important details like contact info, office hours, service information, photos, and reviews;

· Search places and addresses even when offline;

· View locations saved in 'My Places' on any desktop or laptop computer, iPhone or iPad.

Routes for pedestrians and drivers:

· Find the fastest route on foot taking advantage of squares, parks, and footpaths between buildings;

· Reach your destination fast whether driving or using public transport;

· Choose several journey options that consider traffic jams and public transport connections;

· Step by step navigation guides you along your route;

· View scheduled service times and estimated time of arrival at every stop;

· Keep updated with real time information on heavy traffic, accidents, speed cameras, road blocks, etc.;

· See what traffic is like and how long it will take you to get home or to the office in the iOS Notification Center.

Offline maps:

· Save space on your device using more compact maps (Moscow, for example, now takes up 148 MB);

· Browse the selected region’s offline database of organizations with office hours, service information, and other details;

· Download maps for over 1000 cities in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Turkey.

Information from users:

· Mark road alerts on the map and comment on user submissions;

· Regular updates to the Public Map keep you informed about your city;

· Write reviews or fix inaccuracies about any place.

Preview your city’s traffic information and your home or work journey times on your Apple Watch.