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The truth is we can't tell you what a Yo is, since only you and your closest friends will know what it means.

Yo is your own secret language between you and the people that know you so well you don't even have to use words.

All we can do is tell you how others are using it:

- Katie Yo’s Mike to let him know she’s thinking about him

- Matt Yo's his roommates to let them know he's got a friend staying over

- Jonny Yo's his Lunch Buddies group at 12:30pm when it's time to eat

- Mike Yo's bae to see if she's still awake

- Jenny Yo's a photo to her Family group when she needs no words to explain

- Danny Yo's his Mom when he forgets to call her

- Alex uses Yo to send his location to his girlfriend

- Peter gets Yo’s when his favorite soccer team scores a goal

Yo. It’s that simple.