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addappt: up-to-date contacts,

addappt: up-to-date contacts,

addappt, inc.

Reviews: 162 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

addappt for Apple Watch!!

addappt is an always up-to-date address book that updates instantly when friends change their contact information on their phone, privately.

'.. I can say it does what it promises' - Walt Mossberg, The Wall Street Journal

CIO - "addappt Makes Your Address Book Smart"

CNET - "Addappt is a powerful and business-friendly replacement for the iOS contact list”

PC Mag - "addappt Keeps Your Contacts in Sync Even When People Change Numbers"

Lifehacker - "Addappt is an Address Book That Updates When Your Friends Info Changes"

Founded by early Microsoft and LinkedIn employees, addappt has been recognized by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, ABC, Cult of Mac, as Business Insider's Top 50 Business Apps, Business Insider's Best Productivity Apps, ZDNet's Best iOS Apps, Gizmodo, CNN and by BBC.

addappt is an always up-to-date address book which:

1) Adapts to you - it remembers how you last communicated with each contact.

Enjoy favorites that understand and remember you communicate differently with different people.

Recents show the last contacted and the last created, viewed or edited.

2) Adapts to your friends - updates instantly when friends change their contact information.

tapp - the first completely customizable notification system for individuals

- Send short notifications/ emoji to any connection with a single tap.

- Privately send quick group announcements, reminders, requests, updates and alert notifications to family, local sports clubs, church members, neighbors, classroom parents, activity camp parents, study abroad program, company etc.

[tapp notifications use very little data, are private and never stored on our servers]

- From your Apple Watch, send (and receive) fully customizable ‘tapp’ messages (like “Running late”, “Stuck in Traffic”, “Landed safely” etc. or kaomoji like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, including a selection of 100 emoji (includes the vulcan salute), with one “tapp” to your Favorites.


- Email/text your updated contact info to anyone or everyone easily

- Create, edit and delete groups easily along with group messaging

- Create groups easily by job title, company name or city

- Contact info updates synced to your phone's native contact list

- Email multiple photos (iPhone's Photos app limits it to 5) to a group easily

- Local time for ANY contact in your address book

- Bulk delete

- 'Live' Favorites 'Today' Widget

- "Email Me' to send URLs/ news articles to yourself with one tap

- Send your updated info, with your privacy settings to anyone

- Share contact Info of an entire group of contacts (3D Touch only)

- 'In Case of Emergency' on Widget and Apple Watch Complication

- Open the app and simply shake the phone to call the phone number you select

PRIVACY (more on addappt.com)

- We DO NOT store your address book on our servers.

- We DO NOT spam any of your contacts.

- We DO NOT and will not sell any data to third party services. Never Ever.

Contact Us: help@addappt.com; @addappt