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audimobile Powered by PinPay

audimobile Powered by PinPay


Reviews: 13 | Score: 2 | Price: Free

audimobile powered by PinPay is a new service that will empower your mobile and facilitate your life. Our pioneering Mobile Banking services allow you to:

• Access all your bank accounts

• Transfer money between your accounts

• View your mini-statement (displays last 5 transactions made)

• Access PinPay with a touch of a button

• Refer a Friend

• View all Bank Audi ATM's and bank branches

audimobile powered by PinPay is safe and secure with bank-grade protection which gives you peace of mind on the go, why?

• A code (M-PIN) only known to you is requested on every financial transaction

• If your code (M-PIN) is entered incorrectly 3 consecutive times, your account will be blocked instantly and can only be activated by contacting your bank

How to Register with audimobile?

1. Fill out our application form online by visiting http://www.pin-pay.com/RegisterForm.aspx OR at any Bank Audi branch.

2. Once you receive your welcome SMS, follow the on screen instructions to download and verify your application

You are now ready to start enjoying the convenience and ease of use that audimobile provides!