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Jason Clardy

Reviews: 2355 | Score: 2 | Price: Free

iBuzz, the funnest sound making app on the App Store! Best of all it is free! Need a buzzer for a game like Taboo? Use iBuzz! Annoy your friends with the ultra high pitched noise or other buzz sounds.

Features many different sounds with more coming in updates.

Sounds Include:

-Normal Buzzer

-Low Frequency Buzzer

-High Frequency Buzzer

-Ultra High Frequency Buzzer

-Dial Tone

-Emergency Broadcast Tone

-And More!

If you like Sound Grenade, Annoy a Teen or Whoopie Cushion you will love this app!

** Warning, please use responsibly, high volume sounds can damage hearing and equipment. Do not use iBuzz or any other sound app at full volume for prolonged periods of time **