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iDigital Big2 Alarm Clock HD

iDigital Big2 Alarm Clock HD

SixAxis LLC

Reviews: 345 | Score: 4 | Price: €2.99

*** This is the Biggest Digital Display Time available anywhere for iPad/iPhone - UNIVERSAL APP - Download it once and use it on all apple devices ***

Do you have a hard time looking at time at night? Don't you just wish display time would be as big as the iPAD screen itself?

This is the BIGGEST DIGITAL DISPLAY of TIME available anywhere in the app store.

Now with beautiful 6 colors for display and 4 day weather forecast

See what some of the users are saying about this app.

Thank God for Big Clock (USA)

Thank God for this app! I had been struggling to make out the time in the morning when I first wake up. The iPhone's time at the top of the screen is just too tiny for my old eyes. But then Big Clock came to the rescue. And I like the color settings, my favorite is blue.

You wont miss this clock. (UK)

You won't miss this clock app as it takes up the whole screen on an iPad. It's very simple but very effective.

Nice alarm clock (USA)

This is a nice huge clock for my night stand, it is so good I bought 2 more iPads solely to use this amazing app

Nice & Big (USA)

Exactly what I was looking for, except it asked me to review it about every ten minutes. I guess it worked 'cause here I am. I just needed a large format clock my wife could see at night from a distance. Haven't played much with the alarms and other features, assuming there are some. Good for what I needed and I didn't see any others that were as big. I love that it gets larger in Landscape than when it's in portrait mode. Others didn't do that either. Well done!

Mr. J (USA)

Love this app on my iPad. I carry it with me every where and use it in hotels since most hotel clocks are too small.


• ABSOLUTELY NO ADS. Do we need to say anything more?

• BIGGEST DIGITAL DISPLAY of TIME available anywhere in the app store. We are the only app to display time this big so you can see it even from far away in your bedroom / hotel room / kitchen / bathroom / where ever you like!

• Choose from 6 different digital display clock colors

• It shows you 100% accurate current and 4 day weather forecast

• Extremely easy to use interface.

• Super smooth digital clock movements when you move it from portrait to landscape mode.

• See your current day and date with weather.

• Choose from farenheit or celcius modes

• Set your own city/zip code for current temperature or for that matter any city in the world!

• You can choose from 42+ other alarm ringers.

• If you set the alarm time and put this app in the background by pushing home button, it will still sound the alert and ring the alarm sound!

• Put this clock on iPAD docking cradle and just get mesmerized by seconds ticking by

• You can also play your own music while watching the clock

***NOTE: when app is off or in the background we run the default alarm sound. If you keep the app running then you will hear the alarm sound that you selected

***NOTE: Also red light color has the longest wave length. What that means is, if you want to see the clock clearly from as far away as possible then select RED color.

If you have any problem with in-app purchase or general queries then please check our support site http://www.six-axis.com/ios/idigitalbig/